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Cheryl O’Donnell dba COD Decorative Painting

Brookline artist Cheryl O’Donnell graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 1990 with a BS in Illustration.

She has worked as a Decorative Painter in the Interior Design industry since 1995.

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Cheryl is an outdoor enthusiast and her own artwork is greatly inspired by nature. She has also traveled to many sacred sites around the world and enjoys learning about various world religions.

She paints portraits of the gods and goddesses that she has met in her travels, to connect more deeply to their story and essence.

Her landscapes, spiritual portraits, and more can be viewed at


                                                   Red Tailed Hawk- Design Markers                            Birch Tree Forest in Winter-Acrylic Paint                                 Our Lady of Guadalupe-Watercolor





                                                             Earth Our Home-Digital                                              California Landscape-Acrylic Paint                                          White Buffalo Calf Woman-Watercolor