Lorna Perkins


Brookline NH

 Artist’s Bio & Self Portrait

I began painting as a child and continued into my young adulthood when I took classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Yale University, and Arizona State University. I was awarded a number of prizes and recognition for my pieces, including landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Leaving painting behind for many years as I raised my children, I continually felt its pull.

With degrees in both scientific and educational fields, I have worked professionally as an editor, writer, faculty member, content developer, and learning designer. Now that I haverecently returned to this beloved pastime, I am inspired once again and am excited to explore so many new directions and learn from my fellow artists.

Quotidian events and work can seem overwhelming and depleting. I have always tried to internalize learnings from my everyday existence and take inspiration from them. I store in my mind the vision of what surrounds me (small or random objects, a chance encounter, a brief glimpse out the train or car window) to employ later for my subjects. My hope is that others will also be inspired to appreciate the beauty in the seemingly mundane. Although I am currently concentrating on still lifes, I have begun to branch out into landscapes, abstracts, and portraits again. While I mostly enjoying painting with oils, I have also created works in colored pencil, pastel, and oil pastels, and am now investigating egg tempera.

Please contact me to inquire at lornaperkins56@gmail.com



Winter Squash                                                                                                                                 Simple Pleasures Still Life


Alla Prima Pears


Sonyashnyky (Sunflowers)


The Little Table Series






Sugaring in Brookline