Bob Clark – Graphic Designer

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As an Art School Creative grad I worked as an Art Director in High Tech for over forty years, That caused my creative mind to become insanely eclectic from tech illustrating, to political cartoons, logos, signs, fine art and modern art.
So, I tried to organize this stuff in some kind of social context and Facebook allowed me to create Pages I could direct people to.
Please click on the links below to see more of my work.
Cartoon List  — A private Group page for Jokes,  Animations, and Wacky Stuff.


Title: Makepeace  — A wedding gift.
The largest “cooperative” in Massachusetts — Just as Marriage is.

Wampanoag Symbolism

Red Cranberries:
atures gift to welcome a New Home and the weary Pilgrims, so be sure to visit the Nye Homestead in Sandwich to see your heritage.
Cranberry Glass was a traditional Wedding Gift in early colonial days
The only berry harvested in the fall to survive New England Winters.
See the extraordinary health benefits on Google.

The Harvester:
He wears the shell beads of a Sachem.
A wise man, leader the boss, a great provider. The beads are white to bring peace not the red of war. Made from Quahog Shells found on state beaches. Look close and you may see them still worn around Cape Cod.
A Red Barn:
A building of much love and caring for animals and families. Storage of family things past and present.

The Crow Calling:
A Sachems warning to Mother In-laws about new homes and to behave there.
You’ll see the Crow Symbol (Trouble Maker) on many of the Totem Poles in the Pacific Northwest as you enter the Great Lodges.